Today’s the day for click happy women

Click frenzy has started, so here's what you need to know to get amongst it!

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Big shopping sales in Australia are few and far between but if you want to get click happy, then today’s the day ladies.

The newest kid on the block for sales is Click Frenzy. It’s similar to the original Cyber Monday sale held in the United States, whereby online retailers offer up incredible deals and discounts for 24 hours.

Click Frenzy has been around for a few years now and has become increasingly more important as a growing number of retailers participate in the event.

But is it enticing Aussies to shop on the job? research has revealed that the second-busiest time for Click Frenzy in 2016 was between 2pm and 5pm on the second day, which shows that plenty of Aussies are shopping on the boss’s time before heading home.

In fact a recent survey showed that more than one in three employees admitted to shopping online while in the office, costing businesses $457 million a week in wages alone.

Victorians are the most likely to shop on the clock, with 62 per cent admitting that they do so, while Tasmanians are the least likely to shop online while at work 48 per cent.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is guilty of a little bit of online shopping at work.

If you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, it can be hard not to check that email sale alert from your favourite online store or take advantage of a sale that’s only on for 24 hours.

What we don’t realise is how much these hours add up.

Top ways to shop the Click Frenzy sale more efficiently:

● Be prepared for a crash

Crashes are highly likely during sale events of this scale.

Instead of wasting time troubleshooting on the website and repeatedly re-adding all of your items back into your basket, have a plan B.

Some websites round up all the deals on offer, which means you can just click through and bypass the masses.

● If you like it, put it in your basket

If your favourite store hasn’t released its sale offers yet, don’t let that deter you.

You can still browse and add items to your basket just before 7pm.

That way when the discounts drop, all you need to do is reassess your basket and purchase whatever you’re happy to splurge on.

● Look beyond the sale

Some retailers don’t officially participate in the event, but still offer deals during the same period.

If you don’t see your favourite brand listed, visit the site directly, it might still have an offer available.

Also don’t despair if you miss a retailer in the 24-hour window.

Many brands extend their sales for 48 or even 72 hours, so you’ll still be able to grab a bargain after the official event is over.

● Read the T&Cs

We can all get swept up in the frenzy and shop up a storm.

Before you check out, make sure you know the exchange and return policy in case a garment doesn’t fit quite right and you need to get a refund or swap the size.

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