Wednesday: Negative gearing, Brexit and Woolies Everyday rewards to offer customers more shopping dollars.

Concerns that house prices could fall if negative gearing is scaled back, Brexit vote nears, and Woolies rewards cards to get another revamp.

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Just a week before Australians go to the polls to vote at the federal election, research house SQM is predicting that if people vote Labor and negative gearing gets changed that house prices could fall as much as 15 per cent during the four years, according to the Australian Financial Review.

Local shares are expected to gain today ahead of Thursdays Brexit vote but volatility is expected to follow.

Meanwhile billionaire currency trader George Soros has told the Guardian newspaper that if Britain votes to leave the European Union this could damage living standards and trigger a plunge in the British pound bigger than on Black Wednesday nearly 24 years ago.

Woolworths Everyday reward card customers are in for further changes but it’s expected to be a good thing.  Just eight months after Woolies revamped the program it’s now expected to broaden the range of products customers can earn loyalty dollars from and potentially reduce the cost impost for suppliers. Click here for more from Fairfax Media.

And if you are interested in what finance experts think of the strength of Australia’s big four banks, then you might like to know that bond market traders have become more confident in their ability to withstand shocks.  

To get more technical, Bloomberg is reporting that while shares in Aussie banks have fallen because of uncertainty in the global economy, the cost of insuring the debt of the country’s four major lenders is no longer as expensive or risky as it most recently used to be.

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