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Women more generous Christmas shoppers

New research finds women are likely to be the biggest Christmas shoppers this year as Australia hits a new spending high.

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Women are the biggest Christmas shoppers and this year overall spending is expected to top $9.77 billion, according to

But is this really a surprise given various studies which show women make the most consumer purchases? Probably not.

Women are behind three-quarters of all retail transactions in Australia, according to a Mastercard report released in March this year.

Research by the financial comparison website found that despite a slow growth economy, record low interest rates must be helping with Australians due to spend $119 per adult more than last year.

The survey asked 2,005 Australians how much they are planning to spend on Christmas gifts this year.

On average, Australians are planning on spending $539, which has lifted from $419 in 2015.

Women were found to be more generous on Christmas gifts, spending on average $31 more than men.

Almost one in three people have already started their Christmas shopping, with the shopping frenzy expected to peak again in the first week of December with one in five heading to the shops four weeks out. spokesperson Bessie Hassan says Australians will spend an extra $2.2 billion dollars on gifts this year.

“With unemployment at the lowest level in three years and interest rates at an all-time low, Australian shoppers are feeling confident and generous.”

On a state-by-state breakdown, people living in New South Wales are expected to be the biggest spenders, while Tasmanians spend the least.

State by state:

  • New South Wales shoppers are expected to spend a $607 per adult, followed by West Australians spending on average $575.
  • West Australians have also seen a 65 per cent jump in Christmas spending this year – an additional $226 per adult.
  • Christmas comes earliest for Queenslanders, with the figures showing 32.84 per cent have already begun Christmas shopping, followed again by West Australians at 30.2 per cent
  • Tasmanians will spend the least on Christmas presents at $450, followed closely by South Australians with $473.
  • Victorians aren’t afraid to leave their shopping to the last minute with 5 per cent of shoppers waiting until Christmas Eve for a last minute gift grab.

If you’re looking for some tips with luxury shopping this Christmas and handbags take your fancy, then check out this video from Canna Campbell.

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