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What's happening with the Aussie dollar, pay in women's sports and looming tax cuts.

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Australian shares are tipped to start trading higher on Thursday, while the Australia dollar is back buying around 76 US cents again.

Next time you travel overseas expect to see ramped up airport security measures in Australia. These are being introduced to stop the flow of foreign fighters assisting terrorists. Read more here.

Further pay negotiations are going on behind the scenes at Cricket Australia over the boost to female players at the weekend.

The talk is that the pay rise still needs to go higher but as it stands the best Southern Stars players will earn more than $100,000 a season, making them the highest-paid ­females representing Australia in a team sport.

The top ranked men typically earn about $2 million a season.

And, there’s been talk of a cut to income tax rates ahead of next month’s May budget. It could be just the government testing the waters to such a move, or just wishful thinking. Still it’s something to watch.

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